Colour Sorting Bundle

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Did you know there's more benefits to sorting activities then just having fun!

Before your child even knows what colours and shapes are you've probably found them sorting toys into some type of category. This may seem like innocent play but in actual fact your child is developing valuable skills including training their brain to organise their thoughts, applying logical thinking to objects and even early math skills.

Sorting is an all age activity (even us mums/dads still sort whether its washing, food items, linen etc.) you can set up simple sorting activities tailored to your childs interests or abilities. You can set up categories such as colours, weight, temperature, size, shape, sounds, materials...the list goes on and on.

This bundle contains:

Colour sorting Bowls:
Set of 6 Rainbow sorting bowls. 150mm diameter.

Rainbow Waterbeads:
1x Jar of Rainbow Waterbeads.

Warning: Adult supervision is required at all times. This product is not recommend for children under 3 years of age.