My First Brush Set

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A beautiful set of 3 brushes suitable from birth, making the most perfect and unique gift or keepsake.


  • BRUSH ONE: soft goat hair bristle brush, suitable for newborns. Light beechwood in colour. 18cm x 7cm approx
  • BRUSH TWO: soft wooden bristle massage brush is a beautiful way to massage your little ones scalp. Light beechwood in colour. 18cm x 7cm approx. The small hole in the brush is not a flaw, it is to allow air to escape when massaging the scalp. 
  • BRUSH THREE: wooden comb, more suited to toddlers or babies with hair. Helps release small knots softly with this wooden comb teeth. These differ in colour between each box. Sometimes light, sometimes darker. Approx 14.8cm x 4.3cm
  • BOX: All brushes are presented in a beautiful box with MY FIRST BRUSH SET etched on top.