Neutral Busy Board - PREORDER

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Handmade wooden fidget, busy board enhanced with real-life elements. Let your child explore small real-life elements safely. Entirely handmade & smoothens. A sensory toy that belongs in the Montessori toy categories.


Practical, educational, and decorative educational game.

The sensory board promotes play-and-learn excitement with locks, latches, switches, gears, zips, wheels, from metal and wood. A busy board that is filled with fun while serving as a creative tool to enhance the child’s learning skills. It is a simple activity that will keep your baby challenged, interested but also has so many different benefits. A child learns new subjects, forms, stimulates their mind, help keep their hands busy, while allows your child to solve a problem and to feel the satisfaction of opening, closing, resolving the problem

While the sensory busy board is specially made for kids, it makes a perfect match for the elderly as well, perfect for adults with dementia or Alzheimer's, as busy boards support hand control, muscle strength & finger dexterity.

- Improves concentration and memory
- Stimulates learning through experiments
- Develops fine motor skills
- Encourages critical thinking
- Improves matchmaking skills
- Shape recognition
- Goal setting
- Problem solving
- Teaches patience
- Builds a sense of achievement
- Improves logical thinking
- Explores the finger grip, touching

Like most toys, this board contains small parts and is only recommended for 3 years and over. Please make sure adult supervision is always used.