Nicu Journal

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Made by a NICU mother for a NICU mother this journal has been mindfully created to help you keep track of your NICU journey. To help you get through this time I have added NICU specific affirmations at the bottom of each daily notes section for you to use, the more you repeat these positive affirmations to yourself the more you will believe it and the easier this journey will become. The notes page is for you to jot down your thoughts as well as any questions you may want to ask your team. You can also add special memories or moments in here. The tracking page is designed for you to be able to track all of your babies day including cares, weight, milestones, surgeries, tests and results. The weekly summary page is a great way to track your babies overall progress for the week as well as visually see your babies growth week by week with a weekly photos section. Last but not least is our scrapbook section for you to add photos of your baby along with any notes about their journey through NICU.

This journal is A5 in size to make taking to the hospital simple, you can even leave it in your babies station for easy access. With 200 pages you can easily track up to 12 weeks of your babies stay.