Reusable Hydrogel Discs (2 pack)

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Welcoming the Mat & Coe Reusable Hydrogel Discs.

These warm or cold packs are the perfect addition to your breastfeeding journey, providing relief and easing discomfort is what we are all about. These can be used in tandem with your silicone breast milk saver or breast pump to encourage let down while feeding. Included is also 2 white soft covers to provide comfort on your skin. Safe & Non-toxic.

Instructions For Heat Therapy/Hot Compress:

Microwave- Take cover off breast pack and microwave using the following microwave guide. Microwave Guide: 700 Watts: 15 secs 1000 Watts: 12 secs 1250 Watts: 10 secs It is important that you do no overheat the breast pack as this can damage the gel beads.

For Cold Therapy/Cold Compress:

Place the breast pack in the freezer for at least one hour prior to use.