Silicone Divider Plates

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Brand: Ellsworth Boutique

These pastel divider plates are the perfect mealtime must-have for your little loves + the lid is the perfect accessory to helping you store food for later or take on a day out.

Our plates are silicone with a strong suction that will stick to most dry surfaces. They are designed to minimise mess during meals and promote independence by self feeding.

They are made from non toxic, food grade silicone + BPA free.

Our silicone dinnerware range is microwave, dishwasher, fridge AND freezer safe. We do recommend using the top rack only when popping them through the dishwasher.

Pros of Divided Plates:

Sometimes disliked food can be overwhelming when mixed with other things on a plate, so keeping things in different compartments can make it easier for them to tolerate the disliked food being on their plate, which is a good exposure.
Plate/Lid/Cutlery all sold separately.