Teddy Daisy Comforters

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Teddy boucle fabric and double as a comforter for your baby when in use. 

The soft, plush fabric is lightweight and easy to grab and cuddle. It is a perfect accompaniment to your wind down routine and is easy to find when needed.

These daisies are also a beautiful, stylish piece to add to your nursery as a wall hanging or from your pram. All comforters are handmade and unique and may deviate slightly from the daisy shown in the photo. 


100% polyester 


Spot clean using gentle soap and a washer. Not recommended for a washing machine. If the stuffing has moved out of place, simply readjust it using a gentle circular motion with your hands. 



If your babe is under 12 months of age and uses the comforter to fall asleep, take it away as soon as they fall asleep. We recommend placing the comforter in sight of your babe outside of their sleeping area. You may wish to have one dummy attached to the comforter for your wind down routine, and another for safe sleep.