Toilet Training Chart - Magnetic (unpersonalised)

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Say goodbye to ugly paper charts and hello to sleek, reusable acrylic charts.

chores both exciting and accountable.

Let your child use a white board marker to tick them off as they go! It's a great incentive for toilet training!

Material: 3mm Acrylic - adhesive magnets for your fridge
Size: 17cm x 23cm x 3mm thick


  • 1 x Magnetic Toilet Training Planner 
  • 1 x Magnetic Whiteboard Marker - Black


please note: magnets are adhesive, constantly taking them on and off the fridge will separate the magnet from the acrylic. They should remain in one spot & not moved very often. If your magnet happens to come away from acrylic over time. Some superglue is perfect to pop it back on.

Please keep in mind prior to purchase 
Before purchasing please ensure your fridge and or freezer is completely flat. Some new fridges do have a slight curveto them. Even if the curve is very minor acrylic doesn't bend soin time the magnets will pop off the acrylic. You can re-stick these back on just hold them down for a minute each but over time they will continue to come away if the front of the fridge isn't completely flat. If this does continue to happen I would suggest trying the side of the fridge as that's flat. (Please note obviously the more the magnet pops off the less adhesive it'll be. As above you can use a dab of superglue if needed)